Ask Bob – The Book

Ask Bob: The Question Jar

Ask Bob: The Question Jar

“Can people who commit suicide still go to heaven?” “Why doesn’t God kill Satan?” “Can I remarry?”

When Bob Young started an online forum featuring a “Question Jar” logo, he had no idea how popular it would become. He received thoughtful questions from non-Christians, skeptics, Protestants, Catholics, Mormons, and people who describe themselves simply as spiritual. Bob’s answer to each question is guided by two principles: brevity and simplicity. Bob Young’s answers are grounded in the Bible and in the heart of Jesus. ASK BOB: THE QUESTION JAR is an excellent choice for personal study, Bible study groups, adult Christian education classes, and non-Christian book clubs who want to discuss contemporary trends in religious thought.

Ask Bob: The Question Jar is now available for purchase in Kindle format through Amazon!

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