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Listen to a sample: A Man In The Forest

Listen to a sample: God And Your Secret

Would you like to have me speak at your church or conference? It’s easier than you think. I live in Seattle, Washington. If you’re anywhere near Puget Sound I’d love to speak to your group. Also, I travel a lot, and I may be coming to a city near you. It’s easy enough to stay in town for another day or two and spend some time with your group.

Non-Christian groups: I thoroughly enjoy talking to other groups about “the lifestyle of Jesus in the modern day.” If you’re interested in hearing about the oldest and simplest type of Christianity, invite me to visit your group.

Contact me, and let’s begin a discussion about time, place, and topic. If God wants it to happen, it’ll happen!

Bob Young
(253) 693-8552

“Pastor to those the church has rejected – Pastor to those who have rejected the church.”

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